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 “A lovingly cheerful look at a slice of post-WWII Americana.”

Beyond Chron

“Do yourself a favor and keep an eye out for this little gem because it will make you feel good like the warm memory of your best Christmas ever.”

Unseen Films

“It’s the balance between the magical and melancholy that makes North Pole, NY such a compelling documentary.”



"There’s something about fostering that sense of imagination. It was always natural for every generation before, and now I think you really have to specifically foster that in a kid.”

Hollywood Soapbox

"The movie is about this one place, but it's about the bigger picture -- the importance of history. There aren't that many places that stay for generation after generation."

The Star-Ledger

“Don’t be afraid to DIY it. I think a lot of the strongest films with the strongest vision have been DIY.”

DCTV Lab Interview

“There’s an idea that growth is always better, but this place shows the value of staying small and staying true to your roots”

Picture Lock Podcast


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